a bit of advice


I post a bit of advice.  After working a bit hard on something (working with Beth to make this website for example),  on the day you finish that something (going public with the site) and are exhausted,  if you find a few minutes to do something else DO NOT decide this is a perfect time to work on your wife’s computer and DO NOT decide to clone her hard drive so you can work on the cloned copy and DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT clone an empty hard drive onto her hard drive when you were supposed to clone her hard drive onto an empty hard drive.  For then you have two empty hard drives,  no original hard drive,  a lot of frustrating work to do,  and a wife wearing a frown.


The good news is that after four long days,  when we wanted to read the many very nice emails we received about our site and to relax with our VERY BAD kitties,  I finally got Beth’s Protools computer up and running (still some glitches) and she is making lovely music as we speak.

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