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30 Oct 2014

Using 8Dio’s Lovely “1928 Steinway Piano”

  A couple of weeks ago,  I submitted a track to 8Dio,  makers of high-end virtual instruments used in film scoring,  for a songwriting contest they were sponsoring.   My track,  “Before There Was,”  features 8Dio’s beautiful “1928 Steinway Piano,”  a very expressive,  deeply-sampled instrument.  I was so moved by the realism of the instrument that I felt transported back to my high-school years,  when I spent hours alone in the sound-proof piano room,  letting moods spill over the keys. […]

30 Oct 2014

Exponential Audio – Artist Spotlight

Exponential Audio – Artist Spotlight   I recently had the good fortunate of being interviewed (see link above) by the amazingly talented folks over at Exponential Audio,  makers of world class reverb plug ins for professionals. The owner,  Michael Carnes,  a brilliant software developer and musician,  created many of Lexicon’s signature reverbs,  including the 960L,  the PCM96 as well as Lexicon plug ins.  He’s incredibly thoughtful both as a designer and as a human being.   There have been rumblings […]

10 Jun 2014

Lots of splashing around puddle wonderful

  There’s been lots of splashing around puddle wonderful this week! We’re really excited about a cool new project. We’re in the really early stages so we will write more as it develops, but as a little appetizer, here is a shot of Robin playing the cocklebur violin!

15 Apr 2014

Artist’s Sketchbook

      My artist’s sketchbook has become a powerful tool which I use almost daily.  Although there are many digital ways to document and organize work,  the physical act of putting pencil to paper jumpstarts my creativity  My sketchbook lives close by my workstation, ready for notes about the tracks I am working on – my impression of what’s working, what’s not,  chord progressions,  ideas to try,  etc.  It’s also handy for writing down numbers (ie. delay times) or […]

10 Apr 2014

Technificial  (a ploam in progress)

    Technificial (WIP)   This audio clip is from our latest  “ploam,”  (ambient music video)  in progress.  Without giving away too much,  I should probably explain that this piece,  Technificial,  tells a dystopian,  tongue-in-cheek tale of high-tech machinery run amok.  This snippet is from the second track in the ploam,  and I’m having a lot of fun with it!   I started with Pro Tools’  “Signal Generator,”  a plug-in I dismissed as just a lowly test-tone generator until I […]