Technificial  (a ploam in progress)

Technificial (WIP)


This audio clip is from our latest  “ploam,”  (ambient music video)  in progress.  Without giving away too much,  I should probably explain that this piece,  Technificial,  tells a dystopian,  tongue-in-cheek tale of high-tech machinery run amok.  This snippet is from the second track in the ploam,  and I’m having a lot of fun with it!


I started with Pro Tools’  “Signal Generator,”  a plug-in I dismissed as just a lowly test-tone generator until I read an interview with Imogen Heap in Keyboard Magazine.  She described how she uses the Pro Tools Sine Wave generator to give added depth to her low end, which I thought was pretty cool.  So in this track,  I created sine,  triangle and saw waves of the same frequency and started chopping them up on various rhythmic grids (32nd, 64th,  triplets,  dotted,  etc.)  The resulting “melody”  is just one note but the way it expresses itself rhythmically and across the stereo field,  feels (to me at least,)  a little like a dialogue between two fax machines that have suddenly come to life.  Kinda playful.  Kinda creepy.

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