Using 8Dio’s Lovely “1928 Steinway Piano”


A couple of weeks ago,  I submitted a track to 8Dio,  makers of high-end virtual instruments used in film scoring,  for a songwriting contest they were sponsoring.


My track,  “Before There Was,”  features 8Dio’s beautiful “1928 Steinway Piano,”  a very expressive,  deeply-sampled instrument.  I was so moved by the realism of the instrument that I felt transported back to my high-school years,  when I spent hours alone in the sound-proof piano room,  letting moods spill over the keys.


A week after I submitted my track,  I noticed a sudden spike of plays on SoundCloud and soon realized that 8Dio had featured “Before There Was,”  on their Facebook page!  Since then,  there have been over 4,000 plays on the song from listeners all over the world, which is something I’ve never before experienced.  It’s strange and humbling to think that what began as a nostalgic revisit to a time when I felt quite alone,  would end up with my now feeling very connected.

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